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A well designed and fueled gasifier will have efficiencies ranging from 40-80%, which is a good value, but this percentage only factors "energy-in versus energy-out" of the gasifier itself. The device which combusts the syngas for its end use has its own efficiency, and combining this efficiency with that of the gasifier results in a lower overall efficiency number. Evaluating the energy-in versus energy-out of your total system is very important, especially when searching for areas in need of improvement. A common technique to improve efficiency is cogeneration (CHP, or "combined heat and power"). Cogeneration is the reclamation of what would otherwise be wasted heat, taking the excess heat from one or more of the following components: the gasifier itself, cooling components, the internal combustion engine, the gas turbine, or the electric generator. This reclaimed thermal energy can then be used to dry the fuel, for space heating, or even for cooling and refrigeration.