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About Hydro Power

The force and consistency of flowing water is unmatched by many energy sources. As history shows, one of the most proven and reliable sources of mechanized power is hydro power. Unlike solar and wind, hydro-power works day and night with changes in output typically happening gradually. During the Industrial Revolution the use of hydro-power transitioned from powering grain mills to powering electrical generators. The majority of early electric power plants were water-driven. Since then, our energy demand has increased significantly and hydroelectric power now supplies around 18% of the world power demand (and that number does not include micro-hydro setups). In 2007, according to electrical power generation statistics, hydroelectric provided 36% of the electricity in the renewable sector, coming second to biomass (EIA 2007).

It is important to note that micro-hydro power plants can, in most cases, be easily implemented by the property owners themselves. But what is the limit for micro-hydro power production? Here the legalities get a bit fuzzy, as the ratings vary from state to state, and of course from country to country. Usually micro-hydro is classified as producing about/around 5 kilowatts or fewer, but check with your local hydro expert for more area-specific ratings.

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