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doctor gigabyte ricky sandmanAlso indispensable, Mr. Bob Jones and all the staff at Farmer Jones Barns have been a great help in providing support and materials. Without Mr. Jones' generous donation of scrap wood from his lumber yard, this project would have stalled out early on. Support from his team has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.


Sara on the beachMy partner in this project is Sara Allen, who assists me in both the manual labor, and as webmistress for this site. Sara is simultaneously camera woman, public relations manager, research assistant, photographer, and my electrical/mechanical apprentice.


I'm Casey Colando and I've spent my whole life fascinated with technology. While I have explored, experimented, and innovated many things, my goal is to earn a living by helping you and the world. That's right, I want to help you! I want to save you money on heating and cooling costs by optimizing your fuel efficiency and showing you how to "live green." We can all reduce our negative impact on Mother Earth by incorporating passive solar design, solar panels, new and innovative building materials, and efficient insulation (among many, many other things) into our homes.

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